Upkeep advice

You are buying a bespoke piece of quality furniture, take care of it! Designer Furniture Les Pieds Sur La Table offers you the following upkeep advice.

As a general rule, for all furniture and materials:

do not climb on the furniture,

do not place a heavy object which will scratch the surface (for example shoes, suitcases, keys),

do not scratch with a pointed object,

do not put near a heat source (saucepan, match, lighter, iron, cigarette),

do not rub with an abrasive object (abrasive sponge),

do not dampen,

do not use detergents (bleach, white spirits, kitchen cleaning fluids, floor cleaners etc).

Dust your furniture with a dry cloth or feather duster! 


Specific advice for materials:

Upkeep of lacquered wood

Wood does not like humidity, clean your lacquer furniture with a dry or slightly damp cloth or window spray.  Wipe immediately.  Be careful of wet floor mops, humidity can climb up furniture legs by capillarity.

Upkeep of glass

Clean glass in front and behind with a slightly damp cloth or window spray.  Do not rub with an abrasive sponge. 

To clear under the glass top of the table Pied-Riez, do not lift the glass but slide it along the table horizontally for 20cm to 30cm and clean.  Carry out the same maneouvre on the 4 sides. 

Upkeep of brushed stainless steel

Do not apply greasy or waxy products.  Do not dampen abundantly.  Use a dry or slightly damp cloth which does not leave fluff, rub in the direction of the polish i.e. along the lengths.  If the stains are visible, use Ouator available in hardware stores.  If the stainless steel is scratched, rub with the green side of a sponge in the direction of the polish, the scratch will become indistinct.

Upkeep of leather

Leather likes neither water or detergents!  To remove a stain, use soapy water and dry immediately.  A mixture of water and milk is also effective but use with caution.  Baby lotion such as Mixa bébé is also effective in cleaning and reviving leather. 

Upkeep of imitation leather

Less fragile than leather, imitation leather can cope with soapy water and then compeletely dried.  Do not drown! 

Les Pieds sur La Table bears no responsibility in cases where our upkeep advice is not followed.


Instructions for connected furniture equipped with electric plugs and linked to the network:

The electrical equipment are designed for a total maximum power of 1500 watts.  It is therefore forbidden to plug in devices surpassing 1500 watts or where the combined total with other devices surpasses 1500 watts.  For example, it is forbidden to plug in a vacuum cleaner or iron. 

Les Pieds sur La Table bears no responsibility in instances where these instructions are not followed.