The console desk Pas-Pied, Elica France headquarters


In its parisian headquarter, the company Elica France wants to hide the digital communication devices plugs, TV screen, teleconference devices... They chose the console desk Pas-Pied, without legs, fixed to the wall under the TV screen. At the same time, Pas-Pied is connecting the devices while keeping harmony in the working area.

Colours and finishes

An innovation in the ergonomy - the design of the legless Pas-Pied desk is pioneering : the black steel supporting structure allows the desk to be fixed to the wall and to place cubes above and below. Cubes' finishes is a multilayer satinated lacquer, custom made colours pearl grey, red Paris, aubergine of the colours of the palette Les Pieds Sur La Table, 


The console desk Pas-Pied, the complete collection of furnitures Les Pieds Sur La Table