Set of custom made furnitures for a high technology company


At the occasion of a total renovation of their offices, Les Pieds Sur La Table custom made a set of furnitures for the French headquaters of a high technology company. Each piece of furniture is choosen to fit with the functionnal remaining furnitures and to enhance the high tech image of the company : the connected console Plug&Pied, the folding screen Tournis-Pied, low tables Pied-Monté, chairs Pied-Tine and Mille-Pied pedestals are set in the entrance hall and in the managers ' office. Mural compositions Pas-Pied-Peint are decorating the meeting room walls, they have been specificly created  for the spaces in horizontal and vertical format. Each piece of furniture is lacquered in the corporate identity colours of the firm.


French interior designer Bleu Rêve in Suresnes France 92)

Colours and finishes

Each piece of furniture has a bespoke satinated multilayer lacquer finish : black is black, pop orange, snow white, parchmin beige from the colours of the palette Les Pieds Sur La Table, Black steel coated lacquer structure for the chairs and the console table, steel patinated for the folding screen. 

the collection of French furnitures Les Pieds Sur La Table