Range of design chairs Pied-Tine for a chalet in Switzerland


Conception and bespoke handmaking of the dinning chair Pied-Tine (part of Les Pied Sur La Table collection of furnitures) for the dining room of this luxurious chalet in Switzerland. The graphic line, the cantilever shape and the checkerboard back of the chairs Pied-Tine is in harmony with the dining table, designed by the architect. for this project, Les Pieds Sur La Table custom made 8 dining chairs in bespoke colours and conceived a new chair with a higher back.


Architect André Tierchant, Switzerland

Colours and finishes

Chairs Pied-Tine made up of coated steal (specific grey tone), grey seat cover, checkerboard back cover, custom made colours grey, yellow, blue, imitation leather. 

Design chairs Pied-Tine, The coverings and colours Les Pieds Sur La Table, the complete collection of furnitures Les Pieds Sur La Table


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