Display cabinet for hotels - Room 306


Prototype of display cabinet - bookshelf for hotels' contracts, design by Sandrine Reverseau. Part of the complete concept of furnitures designed for contract needs by Les Pieds Sur La Table : the dispaly cabinet, the wardrobe and the minibar "room306". Display cabinet, a separative partition between the bedroom and the bathroom, this furniture was conceived for the hotel rooms of tomorrow around a participative concept close to the human where the guest feels at home. In a destructured graphical style of glazed alcoves or openings, the display cabinet of Room 306 creates lighting games beween the rooms and dares transparency with the bathroom.

The display cabinet of Room 306, a separative partition between the bedroom and the bathroom, is an independant and adjustable piece of furniture which can be integrated in to many hotel room layouts. The standard dimensions L100 P30 H200 can be adapted upon measuring.


French interior designers Emmanuelle Gain & Laetitia Faburel

Colours and finishes

The display cabinet is made from a combination of materials selected for their technical and aesthetic qualities : lacquered wood, perforated steel, window pane, polished brass, laminated wood. Each piece of furniture can be made to measure in a range of colours and materials.

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Palette de 16 laques satinées et de matériaux disponible sur demande.