Connected console table Plug&Pied, advertising agency, Paris


The console table Plug&Pied is custom made in effervescent colours by Les Pieds Sur La Table for the needs of an advertising agency near Paris. PLug&Pied is in harmony with the energysing atmosphere ot the meeting room. Placed under the screan, the connected console offers the possibility for visitors and colleagues of the agency to charge their mobile devices : a very appreciated service !

Colours and finishes

The connected console table PLug&Pied is made of a white coated lacquered structure and laquered cube drawers with a multilayer satinated laquer finish : fuchsia, snow white, fawn, yellow from the colours of the palette Les Pieds Sur La Table, Electrical plugs-in, maximal power 1500 watts.

Dimensions L126 P30 H88cm.

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