Rubber chair Pied-Tine

Rubber chairs Pied-Tine, private terrasse in Paris, 2014. Collaboration with Acabas gallery.
  • Rubber chairs Pied-Tine, private terrasse in Paris, 2014. Collaboration with Acabas gallery.
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine, design by Sandrine Reverseau and Pierre Demonchaux. © Les Pieds Sur La table
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine, pure cantilever design structure @Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • The cantilever design structure gives confort to the seat.
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine.
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine, grey-brown coated lacquer structure
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine, stainless seel structure.
  • The rubber chair Pied-Tine, recycled rubber seat and back on a cantilever design structure
  • The recycled rubber from old rubber conveyor belts from Guyana

Rubber chair Pied-Tine, design by Sandrine Reverseau in collaboration with Pierre Demonchaux

The rubber chair Pied-Tine is the result of collaboration and creativity by two designers.  Based on a cantilever structure designed by Sandrine and made of stainless steel or coated steel, Pierre created the seats and backs from old recycled rubber conveyor belts from GuyanaAn unexpected combination of materials between delicacy and ruggedness.


design-chair-pied-tine-steel-and-recycled-rubber-les-pieds-sur-la-table-versatile-effervescent-bespoke-furniture (2)

Bespoke rubber chair Pied-Tine for dining room and office spaces like meeting rooms. Exists in indoor and outdoor version. The cantilever shape structure gives comfort to the chair.


Rubber chairs Pied-Tine with outdoor stainless steel structure. Private terrasse in Paris 2014, collaboration with Acabas gallery.


The recycled rubber seat reveals the wear marks of its use for rubber conveyor belts in Guyana.

Model presented from 900€.


Palette of colours and finishes

3 materials and finishes for the outdoor chair Pied-Tine.


Steel finish


Steel coated lacquer finish, custom made colours : best palett


Steel coated lacquer finish, custom made colours : mineral palett