Desk Pas-Pied, with no legs

Desk Pas-Pied, a pioneering legness ergonomy designed for hotel rooms by Sandrine Reverseau © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Desk Pas-Pied, a pioneering legness ergonomy designed for hotel rooms by Sandrine Reverseau © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Desk Pas-Pied, atypical desk with no legs, conceived for hôtel rooms with cubes, drawers and niches. © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Desk Pas-Pied designed following geometric lines and with no legs. First show at Equip'hôtel French exhibition fair in Paris in november 2014. Design Sandrine Reverseau © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Desk Pas-Pied, its silhouette is outlined in black by the steel structure © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Detail of the bocks, niche and drawer lacquered in selected colours. Desk Pas-Pied © Les Pieds Sur La Table
  • Detail of a drawer of the desk Pas-Pied. Each desk Pas-Pied is custom made with blocks, drawers and niches and bespoke colours © Les Pieds Sur La Table


Desk Pas-Pied with no legs, designed by Sandrine Reverseau

Pas-Pied is an atypical desk designed following fine geometric lines and with no legs.  Conceived from cubes, drawers and niches, its silhouette is outlined in black by the steel structure like a common thread.   

The desk Pas-Pied is designed for hotel rooms and adapted on demand in sizes and materials for each project.  It is generally topped off with a mirror. An electrical outlet can easily be integrated.

An innovation in the ergonomy - the design of the legless Pas-Pied desk is pioneering: the steel supporting structure allows the desk to be fixed to the wall and to place cubes above and below.  The absence of legs facilitates cleaning of the hotel room.



Console desk Pas-Pied in new colours concrete grey, pop orange, red Paris, black steel structure. In harmony with the Pied-Tine chair, cnatilever design with a checkerboard back.



Details of the desk Pas-Pied, materials : coated steel (black or bespoke colour), MDF multilayered satin lacquer finish, 16 colours’ palet, exists in laminated wood and solid surface.

Measurements L48in. P12in. H14in.

Price of the presented model : 2496€


Palette of colours

16 satin lacquer colours selected by Les Pieds Sur La Table are available to conceive a unique custom made bedhead Dra-Pied, created in our French workshops with particular care to the delicate lacquer finish.  


fuchsia pink
warm magenta...


north african feel...


pop orange
1940s New York interiors...


cooler than cyan blue...



melanzana in italian...


volcanic grey
deep and disturbing...


concrete grey
grey like concrete...


pearl grey
sadness or softness...



parchment beige
who said classic beige?...


earth shadow
essential pigment...


an unloved colour for a long time...


lime yellow
the sharpest tonality...



indigo blue
piercing, touch of purple...


snow white
symbol of purity...


black is black
Rock’n roll, dark light...


Paris red
lively and warm...


Click on the colours to zoom and discover their evocations

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