The modular bookshelf Tu-Lis-Pied in Maison Française

August 27, 2012 by Sandrine Reverseau

In multicolours, our modular bookshelf Tu-Lis-Pied offers an opportunity to relax and read ... read about it in the September edition of the magazine Maison Française.

Tu-Lis-Pied is available custom made in all colours in our range of lacquers.

bibliotheque-modulable-tu-lis-pied-parution-maison-francaise-sept-2012-couverture-mobilier-modulable-design-coloré-les-pieds-sur-la-table bibliotheque-modulable-tu-lis-pied-parution-maison-francaise-sept-2012-mobilier-modulable-design-coloré-les-pieds-sur-la-table
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