Recent creations of Pied-G low glass tables by Les Pieds Sur La Table

March 3, 2014 by Sandrine Reverseau


Les Pieds Sur La Table invites you to discover its recent realizations of Pied-G low glass tables.


Pied-G-low-glass-table-square-design-in-duo-les-pieds-sur-la-table-versatile-effervescent-bespoke-furniture Pied-G-low-glass-table-square-design-les-pieds-sur-la-table-versatile-effervescent-bespoke-furniture
Pied-G-low-glass-table-rectangular-design-les-pieds-sur-la-table-versatile-effervescent-bespoke-furniture Pied-G-low-glass-table-detail-of-rectangular-design-les-pieds-sur-la-table-versatile-effervescent-bespoke-furniture


A nod to relaxation, the low glass table Pied-G freely combines coloured cubes and modules. Square or rectangular design, put into relief by the glass top.

Design by Sandrine Reverseau, bespoke realizations for the measurements and colours in a palette of 16 selected colours.