The pedestals Mille-Pied in an Auction House: when contemporary and classic marry in a very personal way

December 19, 2012 by Sandrine Reverseau


How to show off classical sculptures and inspire clients to have them in their homes?

In Toulouse, a specialist auctioneer in design and contemporary art accompanied by the interior decorator Marine Boncompain, took over the pedestal Mille-Pied et commissioned a series of entirely personalised pedestals.   

Realisation-hotel-des-ventes-serie-de-socles-mille-pied-sur-mesure-pour-sculptures-les-pieds-sur-la-table-partenariat-MB-home-concept-2 Realisation-client-serie-de-socles-mille-piedsur-mesure-pour-sculptures-les-pieds-sur-la-table-partenariat-MB-home-concept-2
Realisation-hotel-des-ventes-serie-de-socles-mille-pied-sur-mesure-pour-sculptures-les-pieds-sur-la-table-partenariat-MB-home-concept-5 Realisation-hotel-des-ventes-serie-de-socles-mille-pied-sur-mesure-pour-sculptures-les-pieds-sur-la-table-partenariat-MB-home-concept-4
The choice of lacquer colours, alternating thicknesses of modules and dimensions, the pedestals Mille-Pied are designed to highlight works of art without ever stealing their thunder.  

Black moulded armchairs Ron Arad, teak armchairs Pierre Jeanneret Chandigardh, low table Pied-G Sandrine Reverseau

MB home concept in Toulouse

Hôtel des Ventes Saint-Aubin, place Saint-Aubin, 31000 Toulouse