Les Pieds Sur La Table partner of Intérieurs Autrement, visits new show room...

February 18, 2013 by Sandrine Reverseau


Creator of furniture, custom made limited series, bountiful and unique lighting, the agency of interior architecture, Intérieurs Autrement showcases French creation in its new show room in St Cloud.

Among the chosen pieces, the console Pied-Estal, the chair Pied-Tine and the end of sofa Pied-Monté from Les Pieds Sur La Table illustrate the options to personalise materials and colours.  For each professional or individual project, we conceive bespoke furniture in partnership with Intérieurs Autrement to create the best adapted and most unique furniture.

On the left, the console Pied-Estal, thermolacquered base in grainy black, on the right, the chair Pied-Tine in thermolacquered grainy black steel and Aurea sculpture (Flukso) covering and end of sofa Pied-Monté.
Material effects in monochrome grey and beige spiced with Paris red: the console Pied-Estal, thermolacquered grainy black steel base and satin lacquered cubes.  On the wall, structured wall paper. 


160 Bd de la République

92210 Saint Cloud

(by appointment)




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