Creation of blue-coloured furniture for a town house

December 18, 2012 by Sandrine Reverseau


A palette of blues as a colour of preference and a flooring of "country" tiles as an element of decor ... two starting points for the creation of a series of bespoke furniture in collaboration with the agency in interior architecture Intérieurs Autrement in St Cloud, as part of a full-scale renovation project for a townhouse.

Création-et-realisation-bibliothèque-tu-lis-pied-sur-mesure-et-poufs-group-pied-conception-interieurs-autrement-architecte-interieur-partenaire-2 Realisation-bibliothèque-tu-lis-pied-sur-mesure-conception-interieurs-autrement-architecte-interieur-partenaire-2
The bookshelf Tu-Lis-Pied is placed as a divider between the living room and study with 3 levels punctuated with different heights in a monochrome of grey lacquer (volcanic grey, concrete grey, pearl grey) with a touch of bright tones, pop orange and turquoise.
Realisation-poufs-group-pied-sur-mesure-conception-interieurs-autrement-architecte-interieur-partenaire-2 Realisation-table-basse-pied-G-sur-mesure-conception-interieurs-autrement-architecte-interieur-partenaire-2
Two pouffes Group-Pied in gentle tones calm the colour game: black is black, earth shadow and parchment beige, dressed by an upholstered cushion.

The aubergine lacquer adds originality to the low table Pied-G and contrasts with the floor tiles in the small living room.

Photos all rights reservedJL Vandevivere