Colour, fundamental principle of the designer furniture collection Les Pieds sur la Table...

Colour and lacquer

Depth of colours, density of shades and smooth to touch, for all these qualities we chose lacquer as our preferred finish for all our furniture pieces Les Pieds Sur La Table. Lacquer is a noble surface made to last. 

Its application demands great care and patience to acheive multiple successive layers on the perfectly prepared base. 


The palette of 16 selected colours and their anecdotes ...   



fuchsia pink
vivid, this warm magenta recalls Indian saris and Bolivian headdresses


an air of North Africa and spice in tasty cooking


pop orange
already present in New York interiors in the 1940s, orange still delivers its effervescent note


fresher than cyan, this turquoise recalls the colours of certain Argentinian lakes



melanzana in Italian which gives all its musical, light and vibrant character when matched with different greys


volcanic grey
deep and disturbing, it evokes the sand on the slopes of Vesuvius


concrete grey
grey like concrete! Yes but today waxed, varnished, or oiled concrete has risen in the ranks! To mix with warm shades of red, orange, aubergine, lime


pearl grey
sometimes suggestive of sadness and boredom, sometimes of wisdom and plenty, gentle and subtle in decoration, it marries very well with intense tones



parchment beige
classic beige? Dirty white? No, light, powdery, this tone is perfect for combinations with deep and warm colours


earth shadow
essential pigment for painters, artists or in buildings, it evokes the richness of natural pigments and brings a subtle note


for a long time the most unloved of colours, conjuring up earth and poverty, today brown is elegant and gives a magnificent effect teamed with orange or fuchsia


lime yellow
the most intense tone of lime, dare to match it with indigo blue or volcanic grey



indigo blue
penetrating and deeply pure with a touch of purple, it recalls the headdress of Tuaregs


snow white
symbol of purity and modernity in decoration, white is also the call of high mountaintops


black is black
Rock and roll, dark light, film, elegance and mystery...very powerful pigment, a touch suffices in coloured harmonies


Paris red
lively and warm, it is the colour which symbolises strength and power


Each cube or element which makes up the furniture of the line Les Pieds Sur La Table can be lacquered in any colour chosen from the palette ...