A concept

A passion

photo Sandrine Reverseau -créatrice-mobilier-Les-Pieds-Sur-La-Table

Les Pieds sur la Table… is the story of a passion for furniture, creation and colour.  Sandrine Reverseau nurtured and developed this passion with the help of a carpenter, then as a hobby in parallel to her professional life in a completely different field.  In 2009, she returned to study at the prestigious design school Boulle in Paris and has since devoted herself fully to the creation of furniture.   


Creation and colours

Each piece of furniture must have a personality and function to be placed in a living or workspace: Sandrine Reverseau is convinced of that.  Based on these principles, she uses pure graphic lines to bring colours to life, and designs her furniture by stacking up different combinations of cubes and modules while mixing colours from her palette.


Bespoke individual pieces and creations

In order to meet the needs of clients looking for more personal furniture, all the furniture of Les Pieds Sur La Table is available custom made, in limited series or unique pieces.  Certain unique creations have already won over art galleries and auctions for 21st century designer furniture.


Beautiful things 

Because a bespoke piece of furniture is made to last, Sandrine Reverseau favours noble materials such as lacquer and stainless steel.  The furniture is made in France with particular attention to high quality. 
Les Pieds sur la Table, bespoke pieces to embellish unique living spaces and ... a wink to all furniture feet. 


A concept of cubes ...

Bibliotheque Tu-lis-Pied -Meubles design Les Pieds sur la Table sur un concept de meubles sur mesure et colorés

...where cubic and rectangular shapes pile up, interweave, combine, complement one another, modulate, pivot and assemble at leisure as a table, desk or bookshelf. 


Our creations mix strictly pure and graphic lines with a palette of selected colours aiming at all times for rhythm and modularity.  


Our system of modular cubes offers extensive scope for the creation and adaptation of custom made furniture, in limited series or unique pieces.

... and colours

A core principle for Les Pieds sur la Table creations, colour enriches all of its furniture, keeping in harmony with the decorated space or on the contrary, breaking with uniformity. 

Play with 16 colours of the palette of Les Pieds sur la Table, intense, acid, dusty or in matching tones.



fuchsia pink
warm magenta...


north african feel...


pop orange
1940s New York interiors...


cooler than cyan blue...



melanzana in italian...


volcanic grey
deep and disturbing...


concrete grey
grey like concrete...


pearl grey
sadness or softness...



parchment beige
who said classic beige?...


earth shadow
essential pigment...


an unloved colour for a long time...


lime yellow
the sharpest tonality...



indigo blue
piercing, touch of purple...


snow white
symbol of purity...


black is black
Rock’n roll, dark light...


Paris red
lively and warm...


Click on the colours to zoom and discover their evocations.

All our coverings


Professionals, Individuals: we offer tailor made services to help carry out your custom made furniture projects...

Individuals or Professionals of interior architecture, decoration, or hotel businesses ... we adapt our contemporary furniture creations Les Pieds sur la Table to your desires or dreams!

For individuals, contact us, we can help your bespoke furniture project take shape. 

For professionals, we can put specific tools at your disposal.

The data/project sheets available for each piece of furniture at the end of the product pages will help you define your custom made project.  Only a few steps are needed to design your modular bookshelf Tu-Lis-Pied or your bespoke bedhead Drap-Pied, let yourself be guided or contact us

Les Pieds sur la Table will then send you your free 3D colour project to allow you to ratify your custom made furniture before confirming your order. 

Finally, Les Pieds sur la Table delivers your custom made furniture to your destination, unpacks, sets up and assembles in place.